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Kaun? Who among the young lot has proven much? T20 should be the game for the young and the restless and who more fits the profile than ever young, and ever restless Shahid bhai. Azhar Ali is logical choice for Test.

Who? Well, thanks to the non-seriousness of board and not thinking ahead of time, the question ALWAYS remain WHO?

From the younger lot, its very hard to pick but the choice comes down to Ahmed Shehzad and Asad Shafiq for T20I captain at least. They have been around for a while, though I am not a big fan of Shehzad cause of his inconsistency, but no one really is consistent in the team, BUT Shehzad COULD be the T20I captain if not Shafiq. 

I won’t say Hammad Azam, Azeem Ghumman, Sharjeel Khan or even Fawad Alam because of one simple reason, they do not have much of international experience. 

Or, we could do something which has not been done recently, have a bowler as the captain…… Junaid Khan. Umar Gul is only 30 and he could have been the next captain too but due to his injury recently, no one knows really for how much long can he stay in cricket.

I personally support the idea of bowler as the captain.

I am really against the appointment of Shahid Afridi as the T20 captain. Someone from the younger pool should have been selected as the captain but our seniors players have too much of ego who won’t play under the junior captain.

Right now, we don’t have a replacement of Misbah as ODI and Test captain and that’s really worrisome. 



this kind of art is so important 

can you imagine being drunk walking down those streets

"Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks."

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Bae-sura Bae (for sure)

Talented* bae

To sing and perform on television, dude its not easy.

Bae on his birthday.

Bae on his birthday.

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Yep. Best Dolphins had was when Fawad Alam was man of the tournament in 2007 I think…and then later one when Ramiz Raja 2.0 was in killer form but then they lost to Rams in Final. Those were days when even Khalid Latif was good.

And there was this one season where Shahzaib Hasan was in his prime form and he was smashing 50s in every match and when he failed in the final, we lost.